Guardian Spirits Meet Me During Day and Night

Sometimes Guardian Spirits use your bodies to send you messages. I have learned this on my own and over considerable time. Sharing this is not a “I Can Scare You” gesture from my end! I have other family members who are like me; and, I know that one of them is very frightened of her abilities. I also always wanted to believe that the odd things I experienced in real life are not really happening. But, my experiences eventually got to the point where I could not lock my mind to not believe the idea that the Guardian Spirits haunt me during the day as well.

I will now share two real incidences to show this phenomenon:

I Am Awake

Some years ago, I was driving back home when my mind just compelled me to stop and enjoy the night. Roads were a bit wet that day, I think. In response to this “need”, my mind implored back, “But I must go back home soon. It’s really late.” My body almost froze in the car’s seat like its super-tired but hypnotized. I decided to drive to the local Chapters and happily stepped out of the car in the night. When I got into the store, I roamed around aimlessly feeling unsettled about why I decided to stop by. Eventually, my body started feeling heavy and fatigued again so I just sat down next to a shelf. As I turned my head towards the shelf, I almost jumped away in shock. Carlos Gomez’s book “Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood” was sitting right in front of me; and, this was the last copy. I immediately picked it up and bought it. As I left the parking lot, I thought about how I wanted to visit Carlos for his performances and how I wanted to get introduced to his gang of poets and writers. However, I never made it because I was left studying and working. To overcome my worries, my Guardian Spirit brought me to Chapters so that I may purchase his book. I got a bit scared about this incidence so I shared it only once on my older blog.

Notice that my mind tricks me when doing these things. For example, it told me “it needs to stay outside”. But the truth is that it was going for this book.

I Am Asleep

As a kid, I was in love with one of my uncles. I used to take care of him like rub his feet, massage his scalp, and cut his nails. He was a Medical Doctor so he used to get very tired; and, that’s when I used to force him to sit next to me so I could manage him. He loved me a lot! He used to say, “You can stay in my pocket. I say this because you were really little when you were born. I could hold you in my palm; and, I could have fit you in my pocket”. I was very close to him; and, I missed him a lot when he died. I cried a lot; and, I even made myself believe that he is not dead. This is when he visited me as a Guardian Spirit. He visits me when I really really need him; but, there is one time when he visited me to deliver great news. I was very stressed around that time because I really wanted a car and could not figure out if I would have sufficient funds to purchase it. So this stayed on my mind while I fell asleep one day. In my lucid dream, I saw my uncle sitting next to a car. He was cleaning its tire. As soon as he felt me standing near the garage, he looked up and motioned me to come near him. “Arzoo, come here. I will show you how to clean it”, he said. I smiled at him and walked towards him. I woke up pretty soon because I realized that my uncle has passed away and that this was his spirit. Some months later, I successfully managed to get a new car for myself.

I think uncle came to bless me and to add to my mind that things are possible once I start believing in them.

So you see how Guardian Spirits work in a disguised manner!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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