Creating Change

I just completed some through thinking today. I feel that it is time for the next set of steps for me; I had to delay this phase a bit because I was finishing my certificate in Event Management.

Over time, I have realized that I am ready for this. But, my feelings about doing this matured tremendously in one night when I got stuck with a friend in the April 2018 snow storm. I wanted to give her a ride because the streets were freezing quickly. She would have found it difficult to walk that night. But by the time we got to my car, the front, back, and window glasses got covered with frozen ice. I endured some crazy moments feeling agonized about this snow storm; glancing at my friend who was not dressed well for this; desperately cleaning the car with very cold hands; realizing that I could not do this task alone and that I had to shut my car’s engine because there was really less gas left; and, then running around for help. Two guys helped us out; and, only one of them stayed behind for long and scraped the rest of the ice from my car. Both of us ladies got back home safely. I realized that day I could achieve very challenging tasks easily if I were to put my mind to it.

Another thing that helped me mature this idea was a lucid dream. I had this dream when I was just a teenager; every now and then, I used to think about when I would get married and to whom. One day, I had a dream that I actually left at the back of my mind until today. In this dream, I was wearing a white dress and my husbanddream character and not a real husbandwas lying bleeding next to a large pond. He was crying for me; and, I was just staring at him. Today, I realized that this dream means something very important. It means men are going to die if I didn’t know what to do. I had another similar dream yesterday where I asked a voice, “What will happen if I did not help out with Human Rights related issues?” The voice showed me a scenedream scene can be a scene like we see it while awake or it can be a strong voice of some sort that is mixed with darknesswhere I saw or heard of some well-known Rights Activists being slaughtered like cows. I woke up and realized that both dreams are tying into something much bigger. I must comment that I don’t usually get nightmares; and, that I am very much versed in communicating with some very intelligent dream characters. It is a scientific fact that Dream Characters can solve all sorts of problems and they are never wrong.

I am thinking of starting a new project “Next Creatives” by creating blog posts, essays, and summaries of articles about some critical global issues. The ones that I really like are Poverty, Interfaith Dialogue, Women Rights, White Supremacy, Imperialism, Mental Health, and World Peace. So far, I have been reading about these on my own. I plan to create brief plans inside many minds by using a fragmented approach. I also plan to make a great team; and, then hold events to address these issues and connect with like minds. If you feel that you would like to connect with me and help me with these causes, then email me at Make sure to put a relevant subject heading like “Addressing Global Issues”. I look forward to this new phase of my life.

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