I have often wondered about the dream character Dark Giant. When I met him once, he told me that he is the Keeper of an ethereal boundary, which I interpreted as “some sort of lucid boundary” (see snapshot below). He/she/it became affectionate towards me when I started praying; and I felt that he/she/it was devoid of human emotions although he/she/it did feel strong emotions towards me and my prayers. I reviewed my notes today: I have not mentioned before the fact that this entity was standing right next to my feet and watching me.

Today, I got unsettled and started learning about Angels and how they work. I found two details from two Monotheistic religions namely Islam and Christianity. 1) According to Bible, Angels do not marry and they express emotions like joy and longing. This showed when the Dark Giant held me and then threw me on a bed of roses as soon as I started praying; he did not touch me like a man would have touched a woman. The snapshot below is from my older blog. I wrote this on May 15, 2016; and, I offered only some details at that point while neglecting to mention the rest due to lack of time. At that time, I wrote that I saw an angel; but, my mind later became a bit blocked about this due to lack of data. Today when I researched further, I realized that I was guessing right. It was the Angel of Death, Michael, because it was standing near my feet. I can say this easily now because my recent research indicates that according to Islam, angels pull the soul out of the body from the feet; not to forget that another lucid dreamer who is a Muslim friend of mine has also shared with me the fact that she also sees the Angel of Death sometimes.

Today, it clicked in my mind how I just know if a family member or a close friend is supposed to get injured or die. Its data offered by the Angel of Death through permission from God; saying that I am still not a Prophet because my visions have a smaller scale and depth compared to that of a Prophet. Lastly, I must comment that I have high levels of stereodepth vision; and, I have always believed that my stunning cognition abilities are the reason behind such blessed dreams.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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