Telepathic Voices Can Be Tricky

My Telepathic voices can be tricky because I am a creative writer; and, I use humour to dodge ball every now and then. I will describe two instances where the voice appeared tricky and hilarious so that my stress levels went pretty low and I was able to focus.

Incidence 1: Tonight, I was driving back home in the rain. It was very dark; and, driving felt a bit stressful due to lower visibility. As I drove, I heard a voice in my head, “Imagine firing on someone’s tire.” I protested, “I don’t want to. It will burn.” The voice persisted and again said, “Just imagine please.” I kept ignoring the voice until I got home. Then I thought back to it and started checking all my tires. Soon, I found out that one of the tires was really hot and had a strong burning smell. I called my mom and one of my neighbours. My neighbour brought a flash light and checked the tire slowly. He said that something is rubbing against the brakes; and, that I should get it checked fast. Today, I felt that the voice played with my patience; by, I can see why it did that.

Incidence 2: I came across an interesting male writer once. I asked myself how I would feel if this man got angry or upset with me. A voice said, “That does not make any sense. Don’t do this.” I listened to the voice attentively and felt that it sounded different than what I have heard before. I puzzled about this and decided to pursue this person. Some months afterwards, we reconnected and talked briefly. I had a very pleasant feeling about him. Deep inside, I felt that I had found an amazing person.

So if your mental voice tries becoming trickier than before, then make sure to hear it out. It might be de-stressing!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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