What Is Considered Ahead Or Behind The Rest In Terms Of IQ?

I have always wondered how ahead am I given that I am just “above average”. I say this because I have been reading about people who are really ahead of the rest regardless of the usual IQ test scores we need to achieve to be considered excellent in academics.

Here is something interesting about me that won’t make any sense even to my parents. My parents sometimes used to bathe me in the morning to get me ready for school. But, when I became old enough to bathe, I NEVER did this in the morning.  For some reason, I hated dipping myself in water in the morning although I was comfortable performing the rest of the necessary routine. When I was bit younger, I was okay with bathing myself during the evening. But, when I got older, I started completing this task during the night only. I did this all because my mind told me to do this. I had no guidance on this neither did I request any from my family members or friends simply because I felt that the answer was too easy.

Just now, I saw this article titled “It’s Official: You Should Always Shower At Night, Not in the Morning”. It was published just 9 hours ago. This article clearly states the results of a scientific study, which establishes the reason behind my final choice of bathing in the night.

Research from Harvard University has also shown that showering at night can help you sleep, which makes total sense.

I say “What is Considered Ahead or Behind in Terms of IQ” because there are times when I am just like a child; it is really easy to mock me because I don’t always return the favor like a smart territorial beast; it is really easy for me to hide my telepathic moves in something that appears normal; and, there are times when I mingle far too well with almost everyone. I appear and behave like the rest so there is no way of nailing how intelligent I really am. Sometimes, its easier to call me “behind” like when I neglected bathing in the mornings. Interesting right!

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