Too Much Rain and Too Many Floods Are Disturbing My Lucid Nature

I am highly lucid in nature that means I am very sensitive towards nature. This is why I can predict approaching storms or floods through lucid dreams. Elements like rain, moon, and night improve my IQ if they are offered in moderation. Lately, there have been some floods and rains in our area; and, do not forget the tornado that just hit Ottawa in 2018. This is why I keep getting a strong urge to listen to songs and dance every now and then. I feel a bit disturbed because this is out of my control. Rains, Floods, and Storms sound like real music to me; it’s like constantly hearing an interesting song like “Jan Meri Ja Rahi” (My Soul is Dying). The drums sound like when the raindrops fall on the ceiling and windows and then drip down the rain gutter; the wind sounds like the violin; and, the last set of music from 3:32 till 3:59 sound like when the rain keeps falling on Earth. After the rain is over, there is real music that is left in the atmosphere that I can experience rather easily. It sounds a bit crazy inside my eclectic brain—I am a poet so I can endure high levels of pain.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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