Here is one of my experiences with a Canadian Muslim Matchmaker. I got so disgusted after this that I neglected talking to other matchmakers for some years. Here is what this matchmaker inquired about me during the first conversation:

“How is her neck?”

“What is the size of her waist?”

“What is her complexion and height?”

She was so breaking down everything that I got fed up. Who is going to be happy when matched with a guy who is extremely keen about how you look? I could clearly visualize her calling some guy up and then telling him extreme details about how I look. He was only going to turn greedy after hearing all this. After pondering like this, I asked my female chaperone to hang up; but, she complained that other matchmakers might end up asking the same thing. I told her it is the matchmakers and their culture, which is separate from their religion Islam.

Was this all not remarkably hilarious and weird?

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