Domino Effect of Lucid Dreamers

Lucid Dreams allow some sort of Domino Effect that appears in real life. I will give you some examples of this:

1) I participated in a study about Stereodepth Vision that was conducted at the University of Toronto. Later, I created this blog by using the inspiration offered by this particular study.

2) I have received many compliments about my poetry from all sorts of people ranging from average ones to savants. These positive commentaries and constructive criticisms are now the basis of my future works as well as lucid dreams.

3) My first book will show another Domino Effect, the study of workplace abuse as it takes place in Canada.

4) I can cause the right set of people to clutter together somehow. I don’t know how exactly this happens. I will give you an example from real life. When I was in high school, I was emotionally and physically abused by a gang of around 10 young women. They locked me in the washroom; took my belongings; circled around me; and, made fun of me. I asked them to stop and I cried like a child because I had not suffered from abuse like this before—all my friends were very loving creatures. While this was happening, my younger sister just happened to walk in this washroom. She analyzed the entire situation and screamed at them to buzz off. I looked at her; came to my senses, and walked away from them. The gang leaders were suspended after we spoke to the Vice Principal. Later, one of the gang leaders got into trouble because she did not knew how to study well. She just happened to be studying right next to me while I taught students who were part of the Peer Tutoring club. I saw her crying in a very horrible way and then I felt sad about her situation. So I went up to her and taught her all the tricks; after a couple of days, she was screaming with joy as she showed me her very high mark. Later she tried making friends me and apologized to me. Stunning right!

Thus, you have seen only some examples of the Domino Effect. There are several such examples that are creating the next moments in my life and only some of these examples are invisible from the rest of the eyes.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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