Projecting Inwards

As a telepath, I can project inwards to some extent. I can project into mirrors, human abdomens, pictures, and human souls. I feel that telepathic projections work in the same way as prayers and intentions do. Of course! dreams project inside the human minds and the universe as well; but, I am talking about while I am still awake. Here are some of my experiences and remember that I am still developing this ability.


Just today, I was standing in the washroom and cleaning my hands when I looked at my face in the mirror. My facial features altered very slightly and I could clearly see my mother’s face. I thought it was a signal so I opened the washroom door and left. Just a couple of seconds later, my mother got downstairs; and, I realized that the signal was that she is nearby.

Human Abdomens

When my brother’s wife was going to have a baby, I placed my hand on her tummy. Then, I said that it is a boy and I would like a boy. Later, when the baby was born, she looked just like my brother. Baby girl looks like a BOY! I think I saw inside her tummy somehow. My brother’s wife knows this. Read post ‘My Psychic Experiences With My 1 Year Old Niece “Myah”‘.


I can read some pictures to some extent. Here is an intuitive reading that I did while studying a course with telepathic Anna Sayce. She taught a specific method to initiate first contact. For instance, she asked people to ask if they can trust the person in the picture. Then she taught a couple of other seemingly basic questions that aided in projecting inside the persons from the provided pictures.

Human Souls

I feel that telepathic projections and prayers can both change the humans into better or bad humans. For instance, once a young bully became very normal after some interactions with me; and, later he also changed into a very confident and loving adult. Another example is that of a real criminal who came across me and tried abusing me. He told me that he should be called “The Devil”. He also ended up apologizing and confessing to me because I projected a creature inside his mind. To control my projections, I have figured out a technique. My research shows that prayers are to be said in a way that is not harmful. For example, you should not say, “Just hurt this aggressor and his family” but instead say, “God! save me from my abusers”.

Always remember that humans are born with many senses. This is why I also use usual average logic; for example, when I need help, I ask a friend right away. Awesome abilities like telepathy and lucid dreams work together with these other senses. You won’t become invincible although you will successfully create an illusion inside other minds and appear like immortal heroes. These illusions are the reasons why some of my close friends and even some strangers call me grander than the rest.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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