Some years ago, I lost lots of hair due to some personal concerns. My mom got worried when she saw that my hair were thinner and a little less than before. She requested me to take care of them. After this incidence, I strived to get better at Lucid Dreaming and hunting a cure for stronger hair. I did an entire quest where I used dreaming to improve my hair growth; and, then used some great products like Nioxin and Paul Mitchell System’s “Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment Wild Ginger”. Some years afterwards, my scalp got filled with hair that shone and bounced like they used to do before.

Today after combing my hair and styling them, I thought about this entire ordeal. I recalled that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a Lucid Dreamer as well; and, that there is really old religious saying that states that believers have only 1 out of 24 portions of the sight that a prophet possesses. I also remembered that some hair of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) are still safely stored in some museums. One key characteristic of Mohammad’s hair is that they keep growing on their own and are still growing without the body. I considered this peculiarity for a bit and realized that this is happening because he has 24 out of 24 of the vision since he is a real Prophet.

All of this feels more interesting  after watching my thin hair grow back in larger healthier chunksthere is similar impact on my skin that feels so youthful that some people incorrectly assume that I am in my twenties.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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