Witnessing Chaos Through Lucid Dreams

It is very easy to witness chaotic situations through Lucid Dreams. Today, in the morning, I dreamt of a snow storm. It was a mighty one. There was a house with one woman and her one girl. They had some guests over and they actually argued with each other just a bit. I think there was another family with another child, two men, and another woman. The electricity went off inside their house and then something else happened that made them run outside. The snow was falling furiously outside. They ran to a shed for temporary protection. I felt that I was somehow there. Then the young girl turned around and looked towards the small hill that was covered with snow. A woman was standing there with her child. Suddenly she jumped to commit suicide. There was more commotion at this end and the mom tried to tell the girl to stay near her. The scene shifted as my mind travelled towards the woman who had just killed herself. Her body somehow got uncovered and I saw that her child was still alive. It was a young girl as well. She got out of her mother’s frozen arms; cried in terror; and, ran up the hill and vanished from sight. It felt to me that the weather shifted pretty soon to summer. Now, I saw a man in a boat along with another man. They had a stick with which they were poking at vegetation that grew on the water. As they poked and poked, they felt that someone was hiding under the vegetation. I felt that they ave just found dead body of another young woman.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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