How Some Professional Men Are Literally Throwing Some Canadian Women Out of Their Homes

As a professional woman, I have been noticing a whole lots of things not only about Canadian men but also about foreign men—I read the Human Rights Watch reports whenever I have spare time and that is how I have learned about the foreign men. Most of them are busy throwing women out of their homes and jobs by making sure that they are never introduced into their network or by mistreating them mentally or physically. For example, a male friend of mine never invites me to any weddings he attends; this way, I have never been introduced to any of his friends. It is also becoming common to ignore professional communication. For example, I was recently invited for an interview by a company. But the guy who was supposed to interview me never made it. Furthermore, he never replied to my email messages—I am going to remove him from my LinkedIn account, which has over 500 contacts, if he does not get back to me within two weeks. There are several other examples of workplace abuse ranging from unnecessarily overriding my authority and expertise to pressuring me to do more work for a smaller payment—most of the times, this abuse was reported to someone influential or some authority figure. I feel that if I tell some trustworthy people about what is going on, then they are more likely not going to utilize the services offered by these professionals or their businesses. Its like when Eric decides to call his girlfriend Amanda’s friend Alexa; and Alexa knows that Eric is not reliable because honest Amanda said so;  and, so Alexa hangs up on Eric and warns the rest of the girls that he is looking for a date.

This situation is ongoing; and, I feel that it is common in Canada because other women are also complaining about this. If you are in the position to help us, then please do so by applying political pressure or by openly stating on your social media or among your friends and acquaintances that you are not comfortable about this. I am very scared for myself because I feel that my psychological safety has been repeatedly threatened by professional men. What if I finally stop applying to jobs because I have started feeling very harassed and need some time away? What if I keep doing this every now and then and thus keep missing some good chances? What if I ended up sleeping on streets when I get older because I failed to save up sufficient cash for retirement? Obviously, abusers don’t see through all of this because they are rash and irresponsible. I can clearly see Canada changing into something like the trains of Mumbai, India. There are going to be more and more accidents and mental wreckage in the future as men learn how to run this train. If you don’t trust me, read about a recent survey and hear Justin Trudeau’s brief comments about workplace harassment.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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