Always Involve a Telepath In Your Business or Personal Decisions

I encourage everyone to always involve at least one genuine telepath in your critical business or personal decisions. I say the same to Human Rights Activists because I feel that they need to get introduced to the mental permutations of a real telepath—I believe that they need to do this even if that means building someone from scratch. Look for someone who is humble, selfless, and shows characteristics of telepaths like lucid dreaming. I am saying this after some frank dissection of certain facts that have been hitting me on the face like cold ice.

Recently, a relative of mine made a small financial investment when I asked him not to do so. I remember going near the merchandise and developing a bad feel about the sellers. Then, I asked my relative to ignore this particular product; but, he chose not to listen to him. He is still suffering from financial loss that took place because that product was actually very defective and the sellers were lying.

In addition, it is better if you have two or more telepaths on your team. I know that this is more effective than just one telepath. For example, my experience has taught me that sometimes my telepathy can get turned off when I am looking at specific humans or their pictures simply because I start enjoying the hypnotizing music that surrounds them—this music is different than the music of telepathy simply because it starts when I am about to fall in love with someone. But, at the same time, another telepath may still remain functional as that person is still tuned out of that sort of music. I learned all this while working with a second telepath and while my psychic music was turned off because I felt attracted to the man I was reading.

As you look for a telepath to protect you, remember that they have very unique minds that can turn off when they detect deceit. This is why telepathy works best when the telepath trusts someone or if he/she is related to the person who needs help.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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