A relative of mine likes to emotionally abuse whenever he deems fit. I have noticed that although he sometimes offers what seems to be criticism, he does this by bringing up opposing arguments while finger-pointing. I have also noticed that he can use one person against another to create a real situation. Lastly, I noticed that he apologizes pretty soon but then another incidence happens. All this mistreatment slowly crumbled my health. I used to study martial arts but that also changed due to this and some other factors; for around a year, I became almost dead as I started sleeping more and ignoring my personal needs. My therapist tried putting me on anti-depressants, which I refused. I turned to herbal treatments and exercise instead because I felt those would prove easier on my system. As I think back to all this, I realize that I stopped thinking due to him. I realize that criminal Narcissists also do this but they do this more strongly. This thought snapped me back to reality as I decided that I need to safely exit this situation by confiding in some trustworthy people.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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