What I Like About Myself As An ENFP

I think I am part ENFP and part a different personality type because two different tests generated different results. Here are things that I love about myself as an ENFP

  1. I am an Idea Bomb; and the way I present an older idea as something more interesting than before is just another reason why its easier to state that I can generate ideas that can change the world.
  2. I am great at collaborating with others and then adapting. This is why I feel that I will make a great spouse or a team player.
  3. I am a great leader because I listen to people’s needs and then prioritize them; I hate being controlling; and, I think very broadly and so I am more future-oriented.
  4. I like change and it is easy to think of me as a visionary simply because I can dream even when things are really tough. This is how I finished my first book, which is currently in the Editing phase.
  5. I get strong gut feelings that I have occasionally used to catch real crime and not just finishing my daily tasks.
  6. Its easier to make me feel really happy by giving me very small and seemingly insignificant gifts like a hand-written letter or some jewellery.
  7. ENFPs (Diplomats) love engaging in small talk because they know by default that small talk makes people feel healthier and more prepared to face the world.
  8. ENFPs love being around people because people are the source of their energy. However, they are sometimes picky when it comes to closer relationships. For example, I truly believe that I am in love with INFJs although I haven’t met many INFJs for some reason. Maybe, that is why I am still unmarried!

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