The Second Calculator

When I was much younger, I worked in the field of Clinical Research for a bit. I was set for success with two well-equipped offices; an entry-level salary of $38 per hour; and some very loving and wealthy connections. But I deserted soon due to several factors; and, only one factor was that I found statistical data at the FDA site that I felt was very misleading. I must comment that I was very inexperienced at that time and that I did not had the skills to make any sort of concrete conclusions about any high-level calculations. But, I felt forced to make a decision to leave after this incidence. This is what happened that day.

I was reviewing some data and text at the FDA site. I was very relaxed because I was sitting in my room and was totally alone. As I read some data, I felt queer sensation like my hands wanted to freeze but weren’t frozen. I also heard an odd voice that warned me not to proceed because there is much harm being done. I ended up quitting my readings and also decided to leave this field. I developed a feeling that there is too much fraud in this field because of how much money is at stake. Do you know that making one pill costs one million dollars? I could not have complained about whatever seemingly invisible things I saw because I would have found it very difficult to explain things to my seniors; this is because then I would be telling them about queer sensations and they would have thought that I was just stressed.

Some years later, I found this article after reviewing the web a lot. I had to browse a lot because Google populated articles that speak of any great things done by FDA first. Read article “Are Your Medications Safe?”

Today, I think back to all this and I realize that my most obvious mental calculator couldn’t have done these calculations. I can clearly see that there was a second much better calculator involved, something that feels hidden from me because it isn’t my usual mental activity. I can do this because I have high levels of stereodepth vision, which lets me review illusions and patterns in detail; and, I believe that this vision runs this mysterious second calculator.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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