Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger

Around a year ago, I had an odd dream; and, I told myself that I will investigate this slowly. I went slowly because the guy I dreamt about was and is still alive and well. Before I narrate this dream to you, I must comment that I had dreams of protests, bloodshed, and war zones (specifically Iraq and Afghanistan) before. These dreams are warnings of events that are actually taking place or will take place in the future; and, they do bother me during sleep and while I am awake. I believe that I have seen a real angel, Angel of Death, in my sleep a couple of times. This is how I can have dreams of death. I have a female relative and a female friend who demonstrated the same ability, which is how I know that my mind isn’t just spooking out and giving me nightmares. Another way, I know that everything is okay with these dreams is that I get them when I think about two of my favorite American authors. I think that Angel of Death gets attracted to creative people faster. This is what I saw in my dream:

I was watching some famous American journalists and activists mingle with the rest at a protest in America. Suddenly, there was some sort of chaos that erupted, the source of which I did not fully catch. I remember that I felt that some people⁠—I think, perhaps, it was the cops⁠—were using guns to injure journalists. I was hiding somewhere; and, I peeked at the scene every now and then. Then I screamed in fear as I saw dead body of a well-known American writer and journalist⁠. He was dead; and, he looked very peaceful. I woke up soon after this dream.

I wanted to drop this guy an email about my dream; but, then I kept thinking that I also get dreams that show only some elements of reality. Another fact that daunted me was that I have never met him in real life. Can I really offer any commentary about my strong telepathic experiences regarding him without establishing trust? No! So I started checking his social media regularly; I even left a leak on one of his friend’s Twitter account; and, I am glad that he is still alive and well. Today, I found the video “Deadly Year for Journalists” on AJ+; and, realized that the rest of the journalists were in danger too. I think that that is what the dream was actually trying to convey. Since this gentleman is still alive, I have started wondering if this was one of the dreams where some elements that don’t really exist in reality combine with some elements that do to deliver a bigger message.

If you are a journalist or are friends with one or some of them, kindly watch out for them. I feel something bad is going on; and, I am sincerely hoping that people will get to the root of this organized crime soon.

Added May 29, 2022

Here is another post about this particular dream. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists“.  This particular dream hasn’t come true literally yet, Thank God. But I am documenting this because 1) it is definitely symbolic in nature (I prefer this interpretation); and, 2) the rest of the future is not here yet.

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