Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding

I have previously discussed how I have been receiving Lucid Dreams about unjust bloodshed ever since I was a teenager. I thought today that lucid dreams are usually used to open scientific codes or understand rules that are invisible without much investigation. So why am I getting signals of this sort? Before I answer this question, I will narrate to you some of my dreams.

In one dream, I was inside Iraq. There was a large wall behind which injured people were hiding. A spirit took me to the other side of the wall. A man complained to me about the condition of those who were harmed. I looked at everyone who was bleeding and dying. After feeling their misery and looking at their dire condition, I flew away and promised that I will do something.

You can read three other lucid dreams here:

Watch Out: Journalists Around The Globe Are In Extreme Danger. In this dream, I hid behind a vehicle; saw murder of a well-known American journalist; woke up and investigated slowly; and, then reported this on social media by using a relevant article. I now intend to reveal everything I see during my lucid dreams even if I cannot find an article about it.

Creating Change. This post shows two dreams. In the lucid dream that I had while I was a teenager, I froze due to fear when I saw my husband (he is just a dream character; I am still single) dying near a large pond. During this dream, I did not learn what to do next and he continued bleeding. I say this because dreams are training grounds. I once learned how to help someone deliver a baby in one of my lucid dreams. In another dream, I used a voice to investigate. I asked my spirit guide to tell me, “What will happen if I did not help out with Human Rights related issues?” That’s when I saw or heard of a scene where Human Rights Advocates were being murdered.

There are more such dreams, which will be shared in my first book.

To answer my original inquiry, I researched the terms, “women+peacebuilding+better” in Google today. After some browsing, I found Laurel Stone’s article “Can women make the world more peaceful? Here is a quote from this article:

…women do have a positive and significant impact on peace, as encouraging their participation increases the probability of violence ending within a year by 24%…Source: Laurel Stone, “Can women make the world more peaceful?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I rest my case.

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