Use of Channeling and Happiness in Telepathy

Today, I hacked into my mind with the help of real happiness and patient channeling. I ended up having three telepathic experiences instead of one. I was kind of hazy during the first one and the last one so I reacted less to them; but, I still noticed what was going on. Only for the second one, I recorded some stuff really quickly. You will notice me hiccuping at the beginning; I usually hiccup when I get really scared.

Incidence 1

I was waiting at the first station. A tall man came running towards the bus. I looked at him and my inner voice said, “You know all the destined things happen to this man”. I listened to it; and, then I got on the bus. I paid less attention to this man; but during the trip, my eyes would move back to him every now and then. For some reason, I felt something was going to happen to him; but, I was too sleepy to react. Suddenly, he tripped and fell down near the first door. Someone helped him get up. I asked myself why I thought what I thought and why I took notice of him in the first place.

Incidence 2

The above is a recording that I made after my first experience and a little bit of the second experience had occurred. The rest of this experience is recorded in here. You will hear a young lady scream something at the back. I did not really record her; and, I had my cellphone turned away so you cannot really catch what she is saying. Plus, you can hear the wind as she talks, which works in my favor almost like nature is censoring her voice to some extent. I was recording this for myself so she just got caught in the middle of this. And, then I had to run and take my bus. This is how I did not think about asking her permission to investigate this. Below is the transcript of this recording. I have added some minor details that I actually observed and that are missing from the recording.

I am coming from Downtown Ottawa from a meeting with some professionals. I enjoyed myself at the meeting; therefore, I was in a great mood. On my way back, I was not only extremely merry but also felt that some burden has been removed from my mind. I felt younger and more carefree, which is an excellent setting for telepathic experiences. I got into the bus; sat in the middle of the bus; and started staring outside. It was really dark outside. The bus started moving; after a while, it stopped at a station. I could see two young women running towards the bus. I felt fixated on one of the women’s face because she somehow felt familiar to me. For some reason, I thought that she was one of my friends from college. As she ran towards the bus, I scanned her face to be sure. I could see some of her facial curves and features and chin. The front light of the bus illuminated her face as she ran into the bus and sat down. As soon as she had entered the bus, I realized that that was not my friend; I looked away and decided not to pay any attention to this. I realized that sometimes I am unconsciously scanning faces because of my training with Anna Sayce and because my stereodepth vision lets me catch certain details. This is how I felt that that woman was my friend; at the same time, I kind of doubted myself. Later, due to how the rest of the events took place, I realized that my mind can create creative doubts to get me focused on something or someone in order to get something else done—do you think that great cops and detectives just get attached to someone for no reason at all? Later, she got off the bus at the same station, Baseline Station—it is near the college—as I did. This is when I realized that maybe this is how my vision really is working now after training with Anna Sayce: by cueing me into reading facial cues and then giving telepathic signals at the same time. Perhaps the reason why her face suddenly seemed like that of my friend from this college was that that she was going to get off at the same station. Due to these other factors, sometimes I cannot read into coincidences or chances. As I waited for the bus, I started recording my thoughts about what I had observed so far. As I stepped out of the bus station to experience the cold and wind, I ended up seeing that young woman again. She and her friend were taking a brisk walk right beside me. She looked at me and screamed, “Which bus are you waiting for?”. I felt startled as I saw her; but, I commented confidently, “95 Cambrian”. She said, “Look at the sign behind you. The bus does not come to this station that late in the night. You will have to go to the other station”. The rest of the events got recorded just perfectly. After talking to her and thanking her, I said in my recorder, “I am even more scared because remember the girl that I told you about just looked at me and said to me that buses don’t come to this station. They don’t come here in the night. So basically, I am not so scared but this is just way too extended. Anyways, thanks for your time. Bye!” I started running towards the other station as soon as I had to finished talking to this lady. You can hear my voice shake as I recorded my last lengthy comment, which is the quoted comment documented above. As I got on the bus, I recorded, “Got on the bus! Ran for a while”. Then, I recorded a “Thanks”, which I issued to the driver.

Incidence 3

I had descended from the bus. As I walked in the chilly night, I stared at the trees. I felt that one of the trees had something round on it. First, I thought, “What could be round and be on the tree?” Then, I told myself lazily, “Its nests. Maybe, there are many birds and there are many nests”. Then the voice said, “Keep Scanning”. So I kept scanning the tree I was originally staring at. I felt that there was something else on it besides leaves. I couldn’t not detect anything other than leaves so I started moving towards my place. A couple of minutes afterwards, I came across a tree that had Christmas lights on it. It felt odd seeing this after thinking like this.


Reality is that all my life I have been surrounded by telepaths and the rest. Thus, I have learned to scan the world like someone who does not have any of these abilities and someone who does. I have also learned that I can receive better telepathic visions if I am happy and psychologically safe. This is because alpha wave, the brainwave that is required for telepathic experiences and alertness, can be released when one is cheerful and thus meditative in nature.

Often, I have heard my close friends and sometimes even strangers comment, “Oh God! Don’t give Arzoo in wrong hands. She seems too fragile and too innocent. She won’t know what to do if something bad happened to her”. I analyzed these statements today. I realized that these people are actually seeing something that is part of a bigger picture. They are fully understanding that I am vulnerable; but, they aren’t reading into the fact that my sensitive nature lets me enter into psychic state. This is why all telepaths openly state that they will help out if they feel that they trust others. You cannot force yourself in the alpha state; and, it has to be created in an authentic manner. Think about it this way! The richest can easily shut down their doors if someone mistreats them. Telepaths have that power by default! It is built inside their minds just like the need to cry when injured is slowly designed inside the mind since birth.

Last note: I am planning to slowly build a team or connect with an existing team that is interested in documenting telepathic events including lucid dreams. Any suggestions or requests? Please email me at

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