Seeing Light and Energy

I was reading William Stillman’s article “6 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Here” on HuffPost when I realized something very critical. The article specifically states that you can tell that your spirit guide is here if you unexpectedly see flash of light or energy.

Pinpoint of light. You may see an unexpected blue flash of light out of the corner of one eye, or you may see a sphere of spiritual energy…If you engage in prayer and meditation, you may actually “see” in your mind’s eye a pinpoint of light…Source: “6 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Here“.

I sometimes see this very clearly.

  1. In the blog post “Other Super Powers that I Believe I Have“, I mentioned that I have interacted with the Orbs in the dreams. In one dream, this round ball of light moved around in my room. Then, it entered the closet where the Quran and Bible were kept safely. I felt the orb danced with delight as it passed by my body.
  2. I see some sort of light coming from the centre of my forehead every time I try to fall asleep. It does not look like white light although I can clearly see my body glowing in some sort of dark matter─I reported this in the blog post “Scent-based Telepathy“. Its so beautiful!
  3. When I pray, I can clearly see a build of beautiful energy around me. Only once, I clearly saw something sitting on my side─I forgot which side it sat on. I felt it said to me that “I can see which man you like and exactly why”. It felt like something that was full of love and joyous feelings. I stopped praying because I had never experienced this before.

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