I have gone through a lot in this life including a very brutal near death experience; and with the passage of time, I have realized only one thing. Good and Bad co-exist in this dimension only so that those who are better humans may realize who they truly are. There have been times when I have felt very dead inside due to certain traumatic experiences. But every time I went down, my dream characters including angles and jinns awakened to protect me. They protected me through thick and then; thus, I became stronger and stronger. As my experiences matured me further, I realized that the dream characters can be used to protect the rest; and, that it is very easy to add your will inside the universe by using these dream characters. I have come to the firm conclusion that Lucid Dreams and Lucid Dreamers are capable of protecting humans during hardships. I am basing my conclusion on my ability to will other people to do tasks that they have always been intimidated of; I have witnessed myself completing this challenging task even while being emotionally and/or physically injured. Those who know me closely thus easily state that they are up against someone very strong who does not crumble. However, when they state this, they fail to realize that they are reading into the care and sanctuary offered by my dream characters. I am not mentioning prayers here because I feel that dream characters are also a different sort of prayer. My ordeals have designed me into a better person simply because I have been safeguarded by very exceptional dream entities who don’t exist in our dimension.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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