Dreams Of “Breaking Bread Together” With Friends

I often get dreams of “breaking bread together” with heroes, acquaintances, close friends, and  family members. This usually occurs when I have eaten less due to dieting or when I am not hanging out because I am busy. I know that these interpretations are given somewhere on the web. There are some other interpretations that are provided here. To relieve myself, I satisfy myself by dreaming of going to large feasts with everyone I would have wanted to be with although I don’t eat too much or any food while at the feast. In one dream that I had several months ago, I enjoyed lots of food inside a large Royal train; in this dream, I was accompanied with Dr. Craig Considine, several of his friends, and many women who felt very close to me—I have never met Dr. Considine and his friends in person though. I believe that I saw only Dr. Craig clearly because I have learned of just a couple of his works; I bet if I reviewed some of his peers’ works in detail, then I would see them clearly during my dreams as well. The entire train was lit and decorated. There were two large tables: one for women and one for men. Soon, the servers came; and, they filled the tables with loads of yummy food. I felt astonished at how the entire train felt really regal and how everyone was talking and laughing, which is just like what we observe in real life. I sat with the women; and, then I ate lots of food while observing everyone else. I just read that eating food in pleasant companies indicates that good times are ahead. Well! that sounds great to me.

Note: I am a bit different (high stereodepth vision and lucid dreaming abilities); and, I am an ENFP who derives her motivation from inspiring people. This is why it is easy for me to show care and connect through my dreams.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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