Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”

I have been reading “The Mantle” for some while; and, obviously I was thinking of some male and female journalists when I fell asleep. Then, I had the funniest dream about a male journalist whom I never met before in my life. It felt so interesting that I am still wondering about all of this.

In this lucid dream, I was standing next to a building where this particular journalist was working. He took my hand and helped me enter the building. This felt like when “Alice in Wonderland” enters the hole, which eventually led her to the best adventures of her life. My mind changed the door to look smaller than what it should be. Then, he asked, “Are you here to see someone?” I thought of another journalist; and, he appeared immediately as well. I felt that the first journalist replied, “I will get him for you if you want me to. Do you have any questions for him as well?” I started smiling and asked him to forget the idea. He smiled back gradually and the other journalist who was running towards me just vanished from the picture. If this man did not disappear from the picture, then what exactly would have opened? Would it be jealousy or some distraction tactics? All this is interesting for me to observe because I am a writer. This entire dream felt like a magical place because “The Mantle” feels like a fascinating place. Remember the Lucid Dreams can open more ideas and concepts if you are connecting with places that you find pleasant and mysterious. He continued talking like a real gentleman; and, then he gave me the tour of the entire place. He stood next to some paintings; placed his hand on the wall; stood near me; and, kept talking. I laughed at this gesture again. Then, he smiled and reacted by taking my hand and helping me walk to a different place. I started feeling tired from all this; so I placed my head on his shoulder and almost fell asleep. I think this is what I did but I am not really sure. There were some other parts of this dream that I don’t fully recall. I also noticed that during this dream, I could make this man kind of fade away and still stay next to me just like a real ghost.

I just realized what mixing creative people with an inquiring nature is designed to do. But, then again, I am a Jungian Sage; my dreams are designed to open like this. How about yours?

In addition, some days before this dream took place, I was imagining having a conversation with some of the journalists and editors of “The Mantle”. I acted out several roles and created an imaginary script where I tried mimicking some behaviors that I imagined exist in certain characters—I am mostly using real videos and writings to form these fascinating dialogues.

I strongly believe that this dream took place after a few days had passed because my mind needs to relax itself and think before creating a response. And, I believe that this happened because acting is actually a visualization technique that lucid dreamers can use to create dreams. I can use acting as a visualization technique because I am writer and writers love to act to create characters. Which technique would you use if you wanted to create a lucid dream about your favourite individuals/heroes? As you work on this technique, remember that you are just having fun and not just there to observe things for your writing. Also know that I played a different script while awake; but when I fell asleep, one of the characters played himself differently than what I expected. Does that mean that I ended up tapping into the real him? Of course! this is a strong possibility. There is one more aspect of this entire game that you must not forget. I acted in front of my gigantic mirror; and, I know that some lucid dreams use mirrors for some reason as well. When I would talk, I was not just imagining that these characters were in the mirror; but, I was also placing them in my room every now and then.

As you learn this technique, don’t get spooked. If you feel scared, these dreams can shut down for pretty long. Also make sure to take lots of rest to avoid fatigue. Just think of all this as a lesson; and, respect your dream characters because these are your spirit guides. Lastly, know that your dream characters know how and what you need. Never attempt to shut down their conversation and instead of rushing everything, try to form a real relationship with your dream characters.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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