Dream Actualization: “Breaking Bread” With Friends

On October 28, I wrote the post “Dream of ‘Breaking Bread’ With Friends” in which I discussed how I met Dr. Craig Considine and some of his friends. I believe that I saw only Dr. Craig clearly during the dream because I have read a bit of his work and have watched a couple of his educational YouTube videos; I bet if I reviewed some of his peers’ works in detail, then I would have dreamt about them as well. This is an example of an “Active Precognitive Lucid Dream“. It was Active in nature because I was engaging with my dream characters; and, it was Precognitive in nature because it came true on its own. Here is how this happened:

When I went to The Parliament of World Religions event, which is taking place in Toronto from Nov 1 till Nov 7, I was a bit dismayed to find out that some of the speakers were canceling and changing sessions every now and then. I was volunteering there as well—funny I got selected given that the pool also had several international volunteers as well—so I was allowed to network only when I am not volunteering. My supervisor gave me an entire day, Nov 3, off because I told her that I needed to attend some lectures that day. Thus, I had one whole day to connect and network with speakers of my choice. I got there by 11:30 am; visited some areas; took lots of pictures; and, attended some lectures. I frequently checked the notice board “Program Changes” to see if there were any changes or cancellations. And, I was very surprised to see that the lecture “An Offering of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad to the Christians of the World in the 21st Century” took place as promised. This is how I ended up meeting most of the speakers; I also talked to Dr. Craig in detail. Overall, I found this entire adventure and dream actualization to be an exceptionally exciting and beneficial opportunity.

Note that Lucid Dreams can combine lots of elements very fast. For example, in this dream, I was eating food with some speakers while riding a train. I was offered interesting food by an American lady who works and writes for an American organization; and, I was also given food and snacks by my aunt and cousins. During my trip, I had to take the train to get to Toronto because my cousins and aunt found it hard to drop me off. I also transferred from a bus to a train on Nov 03 because the bus had to take a detour due to some transportation issues. Next I said that in my dream, I was on a Royal Train. My lucid dream did this because The Parliament of World Religions is a very historic event that is shaping the views of the current world; and, thus it has a huge influence on how politics are going to be played in the future. In essence, this lucid dream was a historic dream. Really Awesome!


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