What Does My Name (Arzoo) Mean?

Inquisitive individuals usually inquire what my name means? Some say it sounds too foreign to them; others break it up as “R” and “Zoo”; and yet others stubbornly state its a name of an exotic drink. I laugh a lot at all these interpretations; and, I really like how some people call me “R-Zoo”.  So here are some details about my name:

  1. My dad and mom gave me the name “Arzoo” after learning about it from a local Persian (Iranian). Thus, I think that “Arzoo” is a Persian name; and, nowadays its common in India and Pakistan.
  2. It means “Wish that Comes from the Heart”.
  3. It can be given to both boys and girls. But, I know that in Pakistan, this name is usualy given to girls.
  4. It is also spelled as “Arzu”; and, a couple of historic figures including “Arzu Ceylan”, the Turkish Taekwando Former Practitioner” had this name. 

Name “Arzoo” is pretty lovely, eh!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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