Releasing Myself

Yesterday, I was standing near the train tracks and waiting for the train. I asked myself when it will arrive. Pretty soon, I felt some form of fear as my mind fixed itself on the original inquiry. I felt my mind was trying to manage some sort of contradiction. I could not digest my fear properly; and, soon it altered into something more creative. I could now see the train but only by using my peripheral vision. It felt like seeing a ghost because I knew that the train was not really there yet. I turned my head around and there was still no train in sight. I moved a bit forward and peeked in the distance. Soon, I could see the lights of the train; some moments later, it arrived at the location I had just imagined it to be at.

Lucid Dreaming and telepathy both require a state of alertness while the mind is relaxed. I was physically relaxed while waiting for the train; and, I was very alert because of my creative fear. I was not overloaded with thoughts so it was easy for me to engage in telepathy.

I feel that fear and precognitive abilities are inherently linked into leadership. Every now and then, I hear complaints that more creative leaders are not running the current governments and that we are all in bad hands. After a bit of searching, I found out that some really creative leaders are away from usual posts because they do not like being manipulated. Their creative fears let them read into situations created by controlling people; and, then they only think of escaping before they attempt to change things. So if you are feeling that good people are dying, then do not worry; and, know that they are just creating change and then adjusting, which is causing delays.

Reality is that some individuals are great at reading into leadership. They know that humble leaders are better than controlling ones. This is why those whose hearts are clean have asked me to lead. Others have seen me running away from manipulative people. Living in Canada and then managing Domestic Abuse or Workplace Abuse is not easy; this is why I feel peaceful after reading the story of Moses. This prophet was raised by Pharoah; and I was raised among some cruel and mean-hearted individuals although lots of positive changes in some of these individuals’ lives have been made over time. Moses chose to run away and then he came back to create positive change in his society. Watch the video about Moses and you will notice that his fear makes him run away from his so-called loved ones. That was very genuine and creative! Can you see now that we are so used to seeing people constantly tackle abusive humans and forgetting the fact that one is being mistreated that we forget about those who have managed to run away while keeping record of everything that has happened. We do not usually hear of such stories of use of fear to create change until we read some Holy Scriptures or scientific articles. When you hear such stories, its like seeing the train when it is not there. Refreshing, right!

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