Muslim Women, Be Wary of Family Members Who Keep Quiet When You Are Injured

I encourage women to be careful of family members who stay quiet when one is neglected. I am using my personal experiences to form conclusions. Some years ago, I was sexually harassed by a Buddhist man. I was a virgin when this happened; and, I survived all this because I was emotionally and physically strong. But, when I complained to a female realtive, she asked me to stay quiet and not discuss it at all. She said that your dad is not so well and you should not share anything that can cause him to become more ill. Obviously, I got a bit scared and decided not to talk. This way I had zero support from my family members. I have been thinking about this; and, I realized that I cannot complain now because that female relative of mine already delayed the entire process by asking me to be shunned about this. When I told an Indian woman about this so that she may offer me emotional support, she said, “you are an honourable woman; and, you should not tell anyone about this”. In both cases, the women ended up injuring me further. This is why I have decided to leave their company; and, move on with my life. I will also be deserting certain men who played a role in this mistreatment. I have thought about this really hard. Rape is becoming common. 2 out of 3 women are raped in Canada. Marital rape is also becoming common. Then there is sexual exploitation going on in form of Hilala marriages. How am I supposed to survive if something was done to me after marriage? Is this relative of mine going to command me to shut up again? I got tired of all these tactics; and, so I decided to post. I also read into what rape can do to human minds. This is when I realized that it can cause victims to be silenced; and, that is why its used as a weapon during wars. Lies cannot work for long. So I ended up posting this on the web; and, I am writing a book, “She: The Mirror” by using some of my experiences. This book should help you fully realize how Canada systemically allows for abuse of colored women. I have also realized that there are too many women abusers nowadays. So I am going to start talking to more people and share my personal experiences to find a permanent exit.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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