Why I Was Nicknamed “Paree” or “Fairy” By My Family Members?

When I was younger, my family members used to call me “Paree”, which is an Urdu word for “Fairy”. They just thought of this nickname when I was a child. They gave me different nicknames like “Zoozee” when I grew older; and, they all still point to the fact that I am a very sensitive and caring woman. As I explored my lucid nature, I realized that I can sense certain brainwaves of other people more clearly; I can see the future sometimes during the day and sometimes during the night; I can use another Lucid Dreamer’s content and videos to charge my body and mind; and, I can sense different energies including energies of people I feel close to just before I fall asleep.

Around 10 years ago, I had a Chinese Buddhist friend who was like me; and, I have always thought of her as my guide and older sister. I used to feel very torn when she left her hometown due to some domestic abuse; but, then I got used to the idea and started complaining less. I did search for her for a really long while; and, eventually I found out that she was hiding in a particular city. Because she was a very sensitive woman, I still feel very scared whenever I realize that I won’t ever know where she went. I say I won’t know where she went because before she left, she hinted to me not to look for her—you know that some victims of abuse like leaving everyone from their hometown in order to start a new life. Also, I know that leaving me behind will help her hide me from her abusers; I know this because while we were close friends, she never took me to her family. Because she is like my older sister, I could not do what she asked me not to do; and, that is how I did not attempt to nail where exactly she was hidden. Instead, I took refuge in the idea that she is still alive.

All this feels like torture, doesn’t it; and, I know that that is how some people feel when I leave their company to finish my daily tasks. You can read the article, “Indigo Children Are Not Here To Challenge Us, But To Teach Us” to learn that some other sensitive children, namely Indigo Children, are also referred to as fairies. I believe that my lucid nature makes me very similar to the Indigo children.

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