How I Celebrate A Champion

When I was younger, I was surrounded by people who knew only basic Islam and who were a bit ignorant about other faiths and traditions. I yearned to learn and develop myself as a more responsible individual. I used to pray and read Quran with translation. Over time, I learned that I needed to grow further like participate in protecting the community or leave lessons in form of writings. Whatever my needs were, I felt they weren’t being fully met by my family members. Then, one day, God heard my prayers; thus, He gave me a Chinese Buddhist sister, L.C. She was very much into discussing religious and global affairs. She loved me; fed me; guided me; and, talked to me a lot. She provided a real sense of bonding, which played a vital role in my development. Around 10 years ago, she deserted me to escape domestic abuse. I know by now that survivors need to run away from everything that reminds them of their home; and, I was one of those memories simply because I attended the same university as she did. She used to say that she trusts me a lot; and, she knows that I will make the right decisions when I grow older.

So how do I celebrate this amazing lady? Well! Here’s how I do this all:

  1. Learn about Women Abuse issues so that I may be able to create change. Currently, I am running the Facebook group, Forgotten Femmes.
  2. Change myself and be more actively involved in my community. I think I attended The Parliament of World Religions partly due of her.
  3. I listen to songs that remind me of this sister of mine. “My Sacrifice” by Creed is a great song that I play while thinking about my lost sister. We used to fully trust each other, which is what exactly is being conveyed in this song.
  4. She used to read minds so I learned a bit from her. I celebrate this by engaging in readings in real life or through dreams.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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