Story Of The White Mouse

Some months ago, I dreamt that there was a white mouse on my younger sister’s bed. I could see it playing on my sister’s empty bed; and, I got a feeling that somebody has given my sister a gift so that she may feel happy. I woke up feeling unsettled about this dream because I wanted to know what exactly is going on. I told my younger sister what I saw; and, she was surprised as well. Some months later, I received an answer when I found out that my younger sister has decided to marry someone. She is wed now; and, I am very happy for her because her husband seems like a very caring man. I wonder what’s next? Maybe, Parrots will do. I mean they are both chatting like crazy all the time. And, the Parrots will sing, “And, I’m telling you I’m not going“.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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