Good Souls Channel Together

I have been thinking about a recent telepathic experience I had while I was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) for The Parliament of World Religions. I remember that while entering this convention centre, I channeled a prayer to protect those who were there. I felt lots of positive energy when I was there, which helped me meditate further. What happened next is actually a bit freaky; but, it’s all real.

After my shift as a volunteer was over, I hanged around with a friend of mine. We got lost and then we found our way around; we chatted for some while and took some photographs; and, eventually, we bid each other farewell. I was too stressed by that time so I sat down next to a large poster about The Gate movie. This poster was right next to the bridge that connect the South and North buildings. I remember being very satisfied with my experiences at this event; and, then I started walking on the bridge. I stopped at the centre of the bridge and decided to take the last set of photos. As I placed my stuff on a sofa, I saw a diamond jewellery item. I picked it up and analyzed it. Soon I realized that it was made up of real diamonds and that it was either an earring or a piece from a bracelet. I decided to give this item to the Lost and Found. As I turned around, I noticed a woman dressed in black walking on the bridge. She had a walkie talkie in one of the pockets of her pants because she was working at this convention centre. For some odd reason I felt compelled to talk to her. I addressed her rather quickly, “Miss, can you help me?” She turned around and walked towards me. I told her that I have just found some missing jewellery; and, since I was tired, I was wondering if she could give it to Lost and Found. She screamed with delight when I showed her this item. Then she said the most astonishing words as she showed me her ear that had a similar earring on it, “This is mine. I lost it. You found it. I cannot believe it”. I smiled at her and gave her earring back to her. Then I told her that I am telepathic, which is how I found her stuff. She was surprised to hear this. I walked away after comforting her for a bit.

I thought about this tonight; and, I realized that someone else was channeling with good intentions. My channeling increases whenever this happens. Second thing I noticed was that I was delaying things by getting lost, chatting to my friend, taking photographs, and then taking some rest. Did I knew somehow that she was going to arrive at the Bridge at a specific time and then I would help her? Similar incidences have happened before; but, I cannot fully get used to this all because all this does not fit into what most of us have been made to believe about human senses.

This picture was taken next to the poster for “The Gate” movie, which was placed right near the Bridge that connected the North and South Buildings of the MTCC.


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