What My Imaginary Friends Are For?

Even as a child, I had lots of imaginary friends. I knew less about lucid dreaming back then; but, it used to get triggered on its own. I never shared these dreams with anyone because I did not understood what I was looking at. As I matured, I ended up spending more time on my own simply because I found that the people close to me were less creative (not lucid or beginners at lucid dreaming) and different. You know, this is why my close friends find it very hypnotizing that I pay lots of attention to them whenever I can and that I genuinely love them. One day, to beat boredom, I started acting in front of the mirror. I imagined talking to some journalists who work at The Mantle; and, then I dreamt of two of them. My mind was too preoccupied to sort things right away; so I never realized why they were here to see me until today.

Today, something marvelous happened to me. Last night, before sleeping, I felt like playing games just like my old self. I learned this game on my own. I used to imagine putting oil in my mom’s hair until she would fall asleep due to this massage. I used to literally place my hand somewhere and tell mom that I am bringing oil from that place. This place could be the back portion of my dad’s car. I was just a little older than my toddler self back then. So last night, I reviewed this aspect of mine. Then, just before sleeping, I played twice a certain game. I imagined clicking on certain parts of a round object. Then, I took that round object and threw it up; I imagined it got suspended above me as a flat protective layer. I was still not satisfied. So I played again. Again, I imagined pointing to certain areas of a round object, perhaps it was the globe—I am not so sure. This time, I threw it up with much more confidence. Then, I mentally commanded it to watch out for my lucid needs. I looked closely at this imaginary shelter without feeling any fear and waited patiently to fall asleep. Oh, here is something that I almost forgot to mention. Before, I used this strategy, I listened to the video, “Improve Concentration and Memory | Guided Imagery | Hypnosis | Meditation Yoga”.

One thing I found out upon a much closer analysis is that my fingers tapped on the round object in a certain way; and, I strongly felt that the dream scenery was constructed almost the same way. It’s like shapes appeared in patterns that are similar to the way I tapped my fingers. I think if you are imagining having sex with someone and tapping your fingers in a particular manner, then that is definitely going to happen in your lucid dreams—you could be a virgin who is thinking about sex but doesn’t engage in the act. I have done this before although I just realized today what it all means. It’s like the FILD technique; perhaps this is an extended version of the FILD technique.

Now then, here is the grand news! I received a very extended lucid dream after playing with my mind this way. In my dream, I visited several houses and tracks that were built on really large mountains. The dream offered an astounding view; and it was populated with children and grown-ups. I watched them closely although I was invisible. I had so much fun! I wrote all this down and sketched it as well. Stupendous!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “What My Imaginary Friends Are For?

  1. We have way too much in common. This is why I am able to see things and hear things I wasnt even born in this life to witness. They guide me and show me survival techniques foods to eat and words to say ever since age 4 they have shown me sickness and disease how to cure it and alert me to death of someone near at least 3 days before they pass. I am not alone thank God.


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