Are Muslims Really Against the West?

I have seen some interesting arguments by some Islamophobes about how Muslims hate their world. The reality is the Muslims don’t hate their world and that they are just following some religious documents to make their afterlife a better place. You must have heard that Muslims hate songs and singers as well. Reality is that they don’t hate them although there is a prohibition about what kind of material needs to be conveyed. That prohibition does not have to be always conveyed through governments; and, it can still boil down to personal level. There are also levels of faith that a human displays throughout their lifespan. Even Quran clearly states that the humans will have lower faith at some times and then better faith some other times. It is actually talking about quests of the self and change at a personal level and then at the societal level given that the people want that change. In essence, all these are things that are also, to some extent, conveyed by other religions. Pointing fingers at Muslims is becoming easy now because of how the mainstream media is brainwashing people. But if you review history, you will find many examples of Muslims rescuing people of other faiths and cultures. The movie, “Free Man” is a rare find! According to Wikipedia, it shares the story of a Jew Singer, Selim (Simon) Halali, who was rescued by Muslims during the German occupation (1940-1944). Pretty interesting! There are lots of channels out there that are bent on defaming Mulsims; they do not discuss historic stuff like the role of Muslims during the Holocaust. And, this is doing great damage to existing interfaith activities, which should prove chaotic in the long run. For example, how many of you have heard of the organization, Green Faith? Do you know that this interfaith organization is trying to cause climate change by using the religious and spiritual communities? Do you know that Islam is the second largest religion in Canada; and the second largest religion in the world? According to the Pew Research Centre, Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious community; and, that in 2070, Islam will become the largest religion across the entire globe. How are they supposed to achieve this without spreading in the West? You must have heard the statement that Muslims are never going to help their situation. You must have! But, do you know that even psychopaths can heal? And, most Muslims are not psychopaths because they are required to perform the process of “Earthing” through prayers. So how do I know that the Muslims of this world are never going to recognize that they are being targeted by certain people, organizations, and governments; and, that they need to band together with like-minded folks to do something about this? Saying all this, are you really sure if Muslims are targeting the West?

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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