Remote Sensing Through Telepathy

Note: None of this is fabricated. This happened when I was barely in my twenties. It was easy for me to get confused about this phenomenon so I shared this only with my close family members. Now, I am willing to share this with the rest of the world.

I had been up in the morning so that I could help my youngest brother get ready for school. After he left for school, I went back to sleep only to wake up again feeling worried about something. I was half sleepy when I put my slippers on and left my home. For some reason, I kept walking and walking until I ended up in my youngest brother’s home. Now, the funny thing is that I didn’t exactly knew the route to his school because my parents drops him to school.  I somehow got there. I kind of woke up when I saw some children playing football in a field. I started walking towards the field because I could see my youngest brother there. Then, I saw another kid hit him really hard. I started running towards them. I went near my brother and held him close to me. I told him that I love him a lot. After this, I made eye contact with his young bullies and told them to stop. They backed out because I told them to fully understand that I will bring the teachers in this game of theirs. My younger brother looked closely at me and said, “You are still wearing slippers? Wait! You are still not wearing your nicer clothes that you wear outside. How did you get here?” I did not knew how to answer him so I told him the truth that I just had a gut feeling that I have to here. He asked again, “How did you get here?” So I told him that I just wore my slippers and started walking around.

Okay! So the above is an example of scent-based telepathy. You remember how I told you that I found a missing Diamond earing and returned it to its owner. Well! Both of these incidences are indicating to a larger mathematical calculation that my mind sometimes does simply because it needs to. I am not in full control during those times; something else runs every critical move needed for me to get to my destination.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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