You must have read a lot of complaints from me about some abusive Canadian folks who hassle me every now and then. I have pondered about my experiences; and, I have always known that all these events indicate that perhaps most and not some Canadians are actually very unhappy, troubled, and angry in nature. I have been living in Canada since 1997; and, this is the most of the stuff  I have found about Canadians. I even posted the article, “These 3 groups are at ‘high risk’ of mental health issues in Canada. Here’s why“, earlier about how mental health issues are on rise in Canada. Lastly, I posted earlier that I am writing a novel, “She: The Mirror” to discuss women abuse.

Watch YouTube video, “Why Do People Think ENFPs Are so WEIRD?”. At 4:07, Dan who is an ENFP─I am an ENFP too─states that science has proven that people cannot be happy because of the way they live in North America. I can see why his statement is the theme of a lot of my posts. “How to be happy”; “how to make others happy”; and “how to stay away from unhealthy stimuli” are the most basic abilities of ENFPs. I found the video, “What Makes ENFP Happy“. The lady in this video sounds a lot about me. She likes the same stuff as I do: delicious food including bagels; meditations; philosophy; fantasy like fairies and unicorns; nature including animals; weird things one can wear (like my edited pictures); good clothing; making things look nice; positive minded people; close relationships; humor; romantic relationships; and, genuine compliments not creepy ones.

I have noticed that it is very easy to be abused in Canada. For example, if you attempt to build an authentic relationship with someone who just happens to have some authority, you can be easily labelled as someone who seeks attention or who is desperate. Another thing that I find very weird about some Canadians is that they choose to stay with very abusive employers simply because they need the cash. I know that I cannot do this, which tells me that I am way healthier than the rest because it’s a more genuine response. If I do stay at a place that is abusive, then I will leave after finishing investigating what exactly is going on unless some effective and just decisions are implemented. I wonder how other personalities perceive and realize joy?

Before I end this post, I must comment that I sincerely believe that a lot of North Americans will face lots of mental issues that are going to keep on increasing in number and scope; and, hate crime and discrimination are just two images of some mental issues. Why do you think that the North Americans gathered against the Muslims after watching a bit of online data and TV shows? (article 1, article 2) I am making this statement after observing how some of them flare with hatred after someone bucks them up and watching their governments throw money in weapons and wars. Seriously! Some of these North Americans are not happy to begin with. What is all this hype and propaganda doing to them? Perhaps it is time to heal them. I think that all conscientious North Americans including the Muslims should keep creating initiatives that allow them to work on the mental issues that are afflicting North Americans. Trust me! there are so many of these issues that people have a hard time finding a safe workplace environment.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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