How God Has Blessed Me?

I think when God created me, He created a very large puzzle and test. This is why He gave me both friends and enemies to deal with; and, He made sure that both my well-wishers and foes are very smart. But, God is very Loving so He gave me eight crazy cool tools to deal with those who wish to harm me:

  1. Creative Writing (part of Channel Therapy)
  2. Poetry (part of Channel Therapy)
  3. Lucid Dreams (part of Psychotherapy)
  4. Ability to fall in love with Historic figures like Anne Frank.
  5. Ability to dance (exercise heals)
  6. Ability to love songs and music (I listen and I sing, which heals)
  7. Prayers─Silver Bullets─that get accepted.
  8. I enjoy getting “fits” of laughter.

I am definitely not forgetting the fact that my friends are making sure that I stay safe. The only thought that prevented me from mentioning them in this list is that my friends are not my tools. LOL!

If you ever get in real trouble, think back to what I wrote above. Oh! Watch YouTube video “Light in the Darkness Living Well After Trauma“. This video is a real blesssing because a Twitter user decided to send it to me; it’s very detailed and informative.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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