Psychic Feelings Create a Nudge At One’s Heart

Psychic feelings push you to do something that involves stepping out of one’s daily routine behaviour—I have noticed this about myself ever since I gained sufficient awareness and knowledge to notice myself and others in detail and react or cause someone else to react. For example, today is Sunday; and, that is why I wanted to rest all day.  I was not thinking of opening the door and stepping outside. However, after eating my brunch, I felt like walking towards the door. I eventually opened and peeked outside for newspaper. There was nothing there so I closed the door and walked away. I ate some more food and relaxed. Then, for some odd reason, I started walking towards the door again. I opened the door again; this time, I felt like peeking at the other side of the rest of the door, the area that usually remains hidden from sight because only one side of the door actually opens. And, there it was! There was a parcel there; and, I knew that it had been sitting there for some while. I picked it up and brought it inside. So that is how psychic feelings keep tugging at my heart until I find out what exactly is going on. If you have known me somehow and observed something about me that isn’t making much sense, then know that I can get like this whenever the need arises.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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