I have superior intellect because I am lucid. I do not fall under the regular Genius category. But, if you were to expand the scope of the IQ test a bit, then you will be able to notice my genius intellect. Here is how my intellect is very destructive and constructive. I know lots of very bad cases of workplace abuse. How did I come across so many of them in such a short period of time? How did I write the content for my first book? You can easily say that I am bringing them towards me. But then you can always say because it’s out there. You see this line is so hazy that you cannot see the truth. I mean there was always a chance that I was going to be taken by a good team; I say this because I had good teams before. But that did not happen. You see why this line is so vague!

I just remember praying to God that He may grant me knowledge. And the next thing I know is that a lot of weird things including workplace abuse and more vivid lucid dreams happened really fast. It’s like I was triggering something big without realizing it. Another incidence that kind of relates to this is from my childhood. When I was younger, I used to read some mystery “Choose Your Own Ending” books. I used to pray several times while reading the book that I would like to experience something of this sort in real life. Then I would laugh at my thoughts because I knew that I got too excited. When I got to Canada, some stuff that happened is as queer as what happens in these tricky books.

When I say a whole lots of things really fast, which leaves you with the need to sort things out, then it’s because you are looking at a very large jigsaw puzzle that has just opened for me to play with for some reason. Here is another odd aspect of this entire set of experiences where I was repeatedly put through workplace abuse: I was sometimes left completely unharmed and other times with deep (physical, economical, and psychological) injuries. Regardless of everything, I was left alive and sane so that I may recover and write things down. Not to forget that every time something bad happens, some people just come forward and give me the right set of answers. For example, several individuals came forward somehow and solved different pieces of this very large jigsaw puzzle on separate occasions.

Can you see now that my intellect is destructive and constructive and that it is designed to eventually free the innocents including myself no matter what the cost is.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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