Using a Layered Approach with Writing Therapy

Writing Therapy can be used to allow locked emotions and feelings to channel outwards, which allows for self-validation and  healing. I have been using this technique for a while; and, I have realized that one must use a two-step approach in order to be able to compose something proper.

Step 1: Expressing Your Raw Thoughts

This step is tricky because there is a strong risk of your emotions overloading you. I usually take lots of rest when I perform this technique. I have also found out that it is easier to record myself then to jot things down. Writing down is slower than letting it out in a recorder. Also, recording is faster and it helps you manage your frustration over lack of time. You will realize later that it is not frustrating to transcribe the videos because your brain has already finished thinking. Now, its just a matter of time! In this phase, you can either blurt everything out as it is or you can use the methods offered in Writing Therapy.

Step 2: Integrating Research

This has to come after you have finished some part of your first draft. Only in some cases, the writer already have an idea about what he/she is going to research after the completion of step 1. This phase includes thorough research; and, I strongly recommend that you read only your favourite authors. The idea is that you are managing your therapy while feeling attached to someone who is worth your time. Be thorough and learn the keywords that are related to your personal issue by reading the newspaper or talking to a writer or editor. Then, it will become easier for you to research helpful articles like “The Threat of Stereotype” or “Defeat the Self-Defeating Behaviour Understanding and Overcoming Harmful Patterns“.

You will notice that this therapeutic technique will help you learn how to be patient and how to cope with your circumstances simply by challenging you mildly. Enjoy yourself!

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