Forced Marriages And Rape Are Common in Canada

Forced marriages and rape are very common in Canada. Only 1 out of 3 Canadians know what sexual consent means. No wonder, I have to be very careful around Canadian men. I have learned that some of them can force you and then shift blame on you.

Besides rape, forced marriages are also very common in Canada. Do you know that Pakistan made forced marriages illegal before Canada? Even then, I know that there are so many ways of doing this in Pakistan. For example, a husband may act in a gentle manner to force his wife to stay out of the job market; or a family may act very loving and generous rather suddenly in order to pressure someone young into marrying. It’s twisted behavior that can still hide the fact that someone is being forced in a marriage.

Now, let us talk about what is going on inside Canada. I know from experience that some Canadian-Pakistani Muslim women are very abusive; and, they are very polite when they do this. Around a year ago, I was at a house party run by a Muslim Canadian-Pakistani woman when I came across a very well-dressed and well-mannered mother. This woman said the following about her daughter, “But, we are her parents. We will decide who she is going to marry. And, we are going to marry her when she is still young. Of course! we would like our daughter to connect with other people”. She didn’t say how young her daughter was; but, I felt weird about what she said because she used the word “young”. Another statement that I heard from a very nice Canadian-Pakistani Muslim woman who was at this party was, “Arzoo! It’s up to your parents to get you married. They should be doing this for you.” She said this when I asked her to help me find a good proposal. I walked away from her and that other woman; I made sure that I did not appear at any of the parties she was throwing. These kind of women are eliminating other women’s options simply by hurting fresh minds.

Non-White women including Canadian-Pakistani women are less integrated in Canada due to the Double Glass ceiling effect, which is when it is tough for them to climb up the ladder while studying and after studying. Obviously, there are some successful cases; but, there are many failed cases that occur due to Canada’s deep integration issues. Lack of proper representation and integration are the reasons why some new forced marriage victims would fail to approach the Canadian authorities for resolution; instead, they are going to attempt to resolve things on their own.

Furthermore, Canada has laws like Occupational Health and Safety Act and laws about Discrimination and Ageism. But the reality is that these laws are not followed in some of the workplaces; and, anyone can get caught in these bad workplaces because one must experiment working at different kinds of places while growing older.

In my opinion, if you were to put every piece of the puzzle together, you can clearly see how Canada is allowing for forced marriages. The system is not really set up to prevent forced marriages.

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Here are two helpful webpages from Government of Canada’s official website:

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It pays to be very careful. Canada has all sorts of rules and still non-white people get injured a lot. Forced marriages are taking place among the White people too; but, the non-white people can be gravely mistreated as well. For example, I was at a business networking seminar when a senior professional came up to me and tried confusing me by saying, “Your face tells me that you want children.” I looked at him; and, said that I don’t know what he wants. I have never seen him before; and, I avoided him throughout the networking session. You can tell how some Canadian men talk to women. They don’t really know (sound drunk or drugged) what they are doing or saying.

Always keep a journal about what is happening to you in Canada. Even I have record of certain abusive things that have happened to me; I plan to finish writing my book, Intertwined and show the world the true face of Canada.

Added Dec 2021

Thousands of Child Marriages in Canada Spark Concern Over Global Leadership
Child marriage is ‘a hidden crime,’ and it’s happening in Western nations, says survivor and advocate

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