Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists

I wrote about a dream in October 2018; here, I discussed how a popular American journalist and professor died during a protest. Read “Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger“. I have known him through the net only so I was too hesitant to contact him. Instead, I used Twitter and WordPress to leak this information out.

In my dream, I specifically stated that I saw an American journalist being shot; and, I hinted that perhaps it is the cops who are doing this. Then, I said that sometimes my dreams combine lots of elements to deliver results. I wrote that I know that he is still alive; but my dream suggested otherwise. Even when I wrote that post, I was feeling that something very wrong and deep was going on.

Around a year ago, I had an odd dream; and, I told myself that I will investigate this slowly…

I was watching some famous American journalists and activists mingle with the rest at a protest in America. Suddenly, there was some sort of chaos that erupted, the source of which I did not fully catch. I remember that I felt that some people⁠—I think, perhaps, it was the cops⁠—were using guns to injure journalists. I was hiding somewhere; and, I peeked at the scene every now and then. Then I screamed in fear as I saw dead body of a well-known American writer and journalist⁠. He was dead; and, he looked very peaceful. I woke up soon after this dream. Source: Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger

Today, I found the article, “US Ranked As One Of Deadliest Countries For Journalists For First Time“. Reporters Without Borders’s 2018 Worldwide Round-up report was published in Dec 2018;  and, I had the lucid dream around a year before October 2018.

Reporters Without Borders ranked the United States as one of the deadliest countries for journalists…The organization’s 2018 Worldwide Round-up report…according to The Hill.  Source: “U.S. Ranked as One of Deadliest Countries for Journalists for First Time” by Daniel Moritz-Rabson.

Notice that my lucid dream is just stating the result of this report and my mind is doing this without using any such reports. It is doing this ahead of time. I feel so excited every time I find proof of a precognitive dream coming true. It feels like being Mutant QuickSilver. “Hello World! I am Mutant Fractal a.k.a. LucidStereo” (stereo refers to my high levels of Stereodepth vision). Just imagine being able to nail things ahead of time. It all depends on what you are already immersed in!

This is why I plan to teach Lucid Dreaming to interesting parties including Journalists, Politicians, Business Professionals, and Writers. I am working towards creating a small course/workshop; and, I hope to address those who are genuinely interested in learning this method of detection as soon as possible.

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