Islam Gave Women Their Rights Before the West Did

Islam as it was practised in old times is ahead of the modern western countries. For example, American women could not have a legal will before 1809. Read  “Social Stratification and Inequality“. But, several rights including the right to have property, will, jobs, and a free life were given to the Muslim women around 1400 years ago. Read article “This is how Islam led the world with women’s rights“.

This knowledge is the reason why I am still a Muslim although I have been abused in the past by Muslims and non-Muslims. Being a Muslim is a much bigger deal than just trying to fit in. I think the Muslim world stopped protecting the women because it’s people were distracted by things like TV, money, power, and status. Seeking power is known to destroy the brain, which is how some men have a strong need to continuously raid women with their words and bodies. Survivors of any sort of abuse are braver in nature because they have realized that declaring their independence and freedom cripples the abusers. I think that the truly free people of this modern world will be lead by such survivors.

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2 thoughts on “Islam Gave Women Their Rights Before the West Did

  1. I like how you pointed out; that when the women were given their rights they lost the protection of the men that they once had. I have observed this same affect in the West after the “independence” was given to women role reversal began on an upswing quickly, where we find so very many single parent homes unprotected by a male figure and women waring themselves down and out carrying dual roles in society and home. It saddens me because I grew up wanting to be a house wife, but the forerunners made that impossible for me.


    1. Yeah! I know what you mean. Being a housewife is a choice too. Housewives do lots of work; and, if you pay them for all the work they do, then they will be way rich. The system that requires women to work all the time and have less maternity leave does not work well for women. I know some women who would rather spend 2 or 3 years with their newborns. When I asked them why they wanted to do this, they said that their mind tells them to do this. It’s something bigger than urge. So… 🙂

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