In year 2011, I received a review of some of my poetry from a distinguished poet and writer. This review was important for me because it was my first review; and, because this occurred around the time when I knew really less about the poetry and writing industry. Seriously! I have only finished one university course in English Literature although I have successfully completed some courses in Linguistics and Philosophy—I still read a lot of books because I started reading at an early age. I still do not know many poetry techniques; and, most of the stuff I write just comes out of me on its own. I printed his comments about my first set of poems and felt inspired by them because he had somehow accurately gauged my mental strength and eventual influence of these poems. I kept his well-thought ideas about my potential and possible growth and development in my mind as I learned how to imagine doing Parallel Play with this great individual.

Parallel Play is a technique used by children where they play next to each other without influencing each other and while feeling an interest in what others are doing.  ENFPs like me can easily use Parallel Play in real life, which is actually very attractive and supportive. This activity creates a stronger psychological state in adults because this way they have more personal space for maturation. But, I can take this game one step ahead and recreate the person of interest through Lucid Dreams or just imagine the existence of my hero(es) in order to amplify all my thoughts.

One situation that I created inside my mind is a strong idea about his efforts and struggles. Another thing that I did differently was to print his email and read it every now and then. Yet another task I made sure to complete was to participate in his online projects and campaigns. Because I am an ENFP, emails and hand-written letters are like real gold mines in my mind; and, all of this happened because of exactly one email (the review). Then I used to slowly work towards my goals while thinking that I am working alongside my inspiration.

It has really worked fabulously so far! The first draft of my first book, Intertwined, is finished. It started out with around 100 pages; and, now it is like more than 300 pages. I feel I enjoyed myself more while working on this challenging project because I could effectively and easily imagine being around this person. Reality is that by imagining this, I became so focused on finishing my book that I even gave up on local poetry readings. Doing so helped me conserve my energy and use it on lucid dreaming instead. I made this odd move because after reading his review, I felt that it was time to go beyond; and, the only way of achieving this goal was to focus on my inner self. Thus, seeking solitude helped me move forward faster. Another thing that played in my favour are my novel genes. As a Rajput, I am related to some very famous names; some of them are distant relatives whom I have never met. Reality is that I do not know most of these individuals up close because I came to Canada when I was pretty young. One story that I have heard from my family members is how a top Bollywood and Lollywood executive and performer is related to me. I cannot reveal his name here because I have never met him in real life; but, I know that he participated in making the Blockbuster Hindi song “Chori Chori” —nice song, but I would never go towards Bollywood or Lollywood. I know that the need to realize who you truly are is also connected to your genes to some extent.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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