Lucid Dreaming Is Halal (Allowed On Muslims)

There have been times when I have dreamt of falling in love with and dating entities that appear like really adorable men including some of my heroes; only a couple of these dream characters are dark so that I cannot figure out how they look. They are brilliant, too brilliant! I have gained a lot of insight with their help; and, I have learned to visualize the future with their help. I am even learning how to write poetry with their help; “My Sex Partner” is a poem that I have created with the help of a couple of my lucid dream characters. The lucid dream dates are really vast in nature; and, although having lucid dream sex is usually rare, I can still perform different types of activities like riding a train, bus, or horse with my lovely dates.

I have thought about this ability of mine a lot simply because all the feelings, emotions, and sensations are real. These men feel real; and, they talk and laugh just like real men do. This is why I sometimes get frightened; don’t know what to say; or just wake up feeling too spirited. So I researched and researched only to find out that some top scholars like Ibn Sina and Socrates and legendary prophets like Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) all received lucid dreams.

This is when I started looking for actual Quranic verses or Ahadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammad) about lucid dreams. Fortunately, I found this hadith (saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)).

The Messenger of Allah (صلي الله عليه وسلم) said: “The Pen is lifted from three (i.e., their deeds are not recorded):

  1. a child until he reaches puberty;
  2. an insane man until he comes to his senses;
  3. one who is asleep until he wakes up.”

[Recorded in Abu Dawud #4403, and Ibn Majah #2041] Source: Ilm Fruits; “The Pen Is Lifted From Three

After I read this hadith, I realized that all the engagements I had so far through lucid dreams were halal and a real gift from Allah (God). Reality is that I have always felt that over time I have changed from within, which is intensifying my dreams; and, this change has lots to do with Allah (God). This kind of activation is a signal from Allah (God) that He loves me a lot.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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