How To Deal With A Narcissist?

Is it okay to open your doors to an entire community because some members of that community have treated you properly?

Well! I learn from my example. True! I am Muslim; and, I know many Muslims. It’s true that Islam requires giving charity and praying, which should heal narcissism to some extent. Even then, I have come across some very manipulative Muslims who I believe are narcissists because their intentions aren’t correct even when they are giving charity or saying their prayers. Such narcissists toy with vulnerable folks like their own children while appearing trustworthy and religious—they are usually surrounded by other people who fully believe in them because they don’t know that they are dealing with covert narcissists or because they are afraid of them. I feel that we no longer live in an open and welcoming world anymore.

Here are some helpful videos about how to handle Narcissists.

“Narcissist, Sociopath, or Psychopath?: How To Recognize The Distinction”

“What A Narcissist Thinks When You Go Grey Rock”

“Gaslighting Narcissist Worst Form of Abuse”

“What a Narcissist Goes Through When They Love Bomb”

“20 Signs That You Are With A ‘Covert’ Narcissist”

“When You Unmask A Covert Narcissist, RUN, But Quietly! Counterfeit Relationship. Narcissism Expert”

“How Covert Narcissists Lure Empaths As Their Victims”

“The Narcissitic Games You Should Know About | The Red Files | Balance Psychologies”

“Fun With Your Narcissist! How To Beat Them At Their Own Game And Enjoy It”

“Outsmart The Narcissist Forever! How To Beat The Narcissist & Take Away Their Game”

“When A Narcissist Say These 9 Phrases, This Is What They REALLY MEAN”

“Narcissistic Abuse Causes Brain Trauma”

“Long-term narcissistic abuse can cause brain damage”

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved except for the videos.

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