Pattern Recognition Through High Levels of Stereodepth Vision

I have high levels of stereodepth vision, which were uncovered during a research study that was conducted at University of Toronto. Read my blog post “About My Stereodepth Vision” to learn more. I believe that this vision is linked into my ability to conduct telepathy, enjoy lucid dreams, and solve complex problems with really less help.

When I was studying University of Toronto, I attempted to create a mutant fruit fly that will have an additional body segment. Although I did not successfully completed this experiment due to a mite infestation, I was still able to finish most of the crosses. I did manage to create a fly that had a H99 deletion and that remained alive despite this significant change. This deletion was needed to create the additional segment; and, it is tough to do this because fruit fly’s genome fights any changes that are introduced into the system. So instead of completing the experiment, I ended up proving that it is possible to keep H99 mutant fruit flies alive. This experiment was not easy; but, I somehow nailed the correct set of genes to get things rolling on the right track. Read “Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses“.

In 2013, I started managing a Facebook group called “Forgotten Femmes“, which was started by a Canadian lawyer. My friend hinted to me that the abused Canadian women are in dire condition and that there is a strong need for more community initiatives. After listening to his comments, I decided to help out; but, first I needed to investigate things. So, I talked to some Canadian women and realized that something deeply disturbing was going on. There were comments about mistreatment at work, home, and community. Then, I read a lot of other articles and soon my mind was geared. Furthermore, I wrote down all of my experiences and then I reviewed them in the light of this new knowledge. By the time I was finished, I was left with a very strong gut feeling that something very wrong was going on in Canada. And, this time I beat the Canadian Feds (see Global News article “New survey details widespread harassment in Canada’s workplaces”) because they had more tools, resources, and access than I did! They only posted this article about a recent survey in 2017; and, I made my conclusions before that by reviewing my personal experiences, talking to mostly women, and reading articles only. Read more details of this particular story by visiting blog post “Canada’s Double Glass Ceiling: Where Should Canadian Women Go?

I could do all this while I am awake (not asleep and in lucid state) because I had high levels of stereodepth vision. What I love most about this ability is that it lets me appear as a strong professional.

  1. I can travel through time to see the universe. I am doing all this while using very few lucid dreaming techniques. I am not fully versed in any techniques; and, I am using them rather loosely. But, it is still working out.
  2. I can use my lucid dreams to scan large time duration in order to nail an answer. I can beat larger systems and devices this way. For example, in Oct 2018, I shared my dream about the murder of a well-known American journalist. And, in Dec 2018, “Reporters Without Borders” released data about how US is the world’s most dangerous country for journalists.  Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous for Journalists“.
  3. Sometimes even the most challenging prayers of mine can get accepted. For example, I prayed that I may connect to a good lawyer. The lawyer who came in life after this prayer granted me the entire “Forgotten Femmes” group. This is why I call my prayers “Silver Bullet“.
  4. I can do some stuff that I am really new to like an expert. For example, I can snap pictures pretty well but I have zero professional training.

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