Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year

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On Oct 28 2018, I reported on my blog that several months ago, I dreamt of being on a train with some very distinguished individuals. I specifically mentioned that I was on a Royal train. Read “Dreams of ‘Breaking Bread Together’ With Friends“. I wrote this post on Oct 28 and reported that I saw myself with Dr. Craig Considine and some of his friends. This dream was actualized on Nov 03, which is a Saturday.  Read “Dream Actualization: ‘Breaking Bread’ With Friends“.


The picture above shows you the Properties of file “British Train”, which is the first audio file provided below. The file shows the Created Date as Sep 19, 2018; and Modified Date as Nov 25, 2017. Actually, the Created Date is Nov 25, 2017 and the Modified Date is Sep 19, 2018. The dates were flipped because I moved the file out of my audio recorder on Sep 19, 2018. This answer was provided by the Microsoft community. Oh! This dream is so fresh inside my head that I have been unable to remember the exact date when I saw it and instead thought it was just some months before Oct, 28. I can remember better by looking at this picture. I think this lucid dream has created a false memory. Read research paper “Positive Consequences of False Memories” to see how mind/brain improves by using this kind of data. Read article “False memories have an upside” if you don’t wish to read the scientific article noted above.

Now listen to the first recording. At the end, I say that it is Nov 24 (Friday). I meant, Nov 25 (Saturday); and, I do say Saturday at the end. Some stuff is not clear because I had just woke up; but, you will hear of my entire journey somehow. During the trip, I lived with my aunt; moved by using buses and trains; transferred from a bus to a train due to some transportation issue that created a need to detour; and, met Dr. Craig and his peers during a historic (thus the words “Royal train”) event called “The Parliament of World Religions”.  At the end of this first video, I say that I recorded this video in November (2017) and on a Saturday. The dream was actualized on Nov 03, 2018, which was also a Saturday; see details of lecture “An Offering of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad to the Christians of the World in the 21st Century“, which was delivered by Dr. Craig Considine and his team on Nov 3, 2018. At the time I made this audio, I did not knew the date this session was going to take place. Another thing you are going to notice is that I never say that I saw Dr. Craig in this audio; but, I clearly remember seeing him. This is because I didn’t fully knew who I saw at the time I made this audio and only learned sufficient details about him afterwards; your dream vision enhances when you are paying lots of attention to someone or something while you are awake.

Oh! I think I changed my future by believing in a dream. There was always a chance that I was not going to show up at this event simply because it was in Toronto. Going from Ottawa to Toronto isn’t easy at all; and, lots of planning was done to make this happen.

Feel free to commend me for doing all of this. There is only one person, me, who is documenting all of this. Clap, Clap, Clap. Working without a team isn’t easy because I have to learn how to manage all my ups and down while working on a very heavy project. Make the crowd roar for me! Clap, Clap, Clap.

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