Experiencing Layers Of My ENFP Personality Through Dreams

Who you truly are shows well through lucid dreams. As an ENFP, I am great at having fun with my friends. I enjoy parties; and, I have a very relaxed and nice way of conducting myself. This is why some people can easily nail me as the weakest member of any group. Think about it this way: others feel like taking care of me because I am genuine towards them; so the rest think that I am the most vulnerable, which is why lots of people are willing to protect me. But, this is exactly how and why people are reading me incorrectly. For instance, I do not act weakly when I know that something urgent needs to be done or someone is in trouble. For example, I made sure to get a friend of mine home safely even when I was stranded during the April 2018 snow storm.

These queer layers show during dreams as well. For instance, I describe some dreams where I am just having a feast with friends; enjoying a dance party; or enjoying lucid dates with hot dudes. Then I describe other dreams that are more thorough like when I wrote about the death of a well-known American journalist and abuse of a young married woman I just came across.

I find it very slick how layers of my personality shows in my lucid dreams. What about your personality and your dreams? If you haven’t started documenting these yet, then start today. I started out with really less dreams; and, then I slowly improved myself. I loved the entire process because I was able to demonstrate my interest and creativity this way. I am sure you will have fun as you attempt to unlearn and learn yourself.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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