Regarding “Smart Circle” Companies

A friend of mine was recently hired by an Ottawa-based company Vantage Marketing. Right after she was hired, she was told that she will also be working with MPath Marketing Solution. She was surprised to hear this after the interview given that these kind of critical things are usually introduced during the interview.  She did not complain right away because she was told that she is working for Smart Circle. Smart Circle companies follow a one year plan to promote salespersons to management through a 4 step process. Sounds too incredible and unreal!

Here are a couple of other things she found out later on:

  • The interview process was pretty lame. They asked her like 2 or 3 questions; and, then the interviewer gave his best shot at selling the company to her.
  • The management was poorly dressed.
  • The managers were participating in retail sales and running offices and teams at the same time. They were overworked!
  • She was given her hours through cellphone text messages. She was also sometimes assigned hours at the last moment. Sometimes, she would receive request to work during the days that she had requested off.
  • There was no formal way for her to record and send her hours, which is what she has never encountered before.
  • She requested a written agreement three times and was not given anything.
  • On her 4th or 5th day of work, she was told by a manager that cellphone plans with data are a must for this job. She was not told this during the interview. They expected her to pay for this, which is what other companies don’t do.
  • Her manager promised to send her a Sales Tracking document so that she may learn how her wages are being calculated. She needed to know this because she was told that she will be running her own business in around a year if she was promoted to management. She never received this document.

She told me that she found documentaries and complaints about Smart Circle online. It is called “Devil’s Corp”! I feel they preyed on her because she is a graduate; and, she is looking for a job.

Smart Circle is now in Canada and US; and, there are plenty of complaints about them online. The last two YouTube videos mention companies Cydcor and Credico, which are also Smart Circle companies. These articles and videos discuss training plan as well as strategies that are used by Smart Circle to brainwash people to believe that they will have a great life at the end of their efforts. My friend has been working with them for only two weeks; and, she has already been hassled a lot.

Watch documentary: The Slave Circle

Read this blog about Devil’s Corp

Here are some complaints about Smart Circle on Complaints Board. See more under section “More The Smart Circle Complaints & Reviews“.

Everyone, be careful! They are actually using young graduates, students, or those who are already in trouble. If any of the above-mentioned red flags occur while you were employed at an Event Marketing company, walk away. It is difficult to always tell right away who you are dealing with because there are many companies that are associated with the “Smart Circle”.

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