Attempting Telepathy Through The Energy Bubble

Some years ago, I studied in a book that discusses psychic development how to create an energy bubble inside your hands. The method is as follows:

Relax yourself. Rub your hands. Then open them and move them far away. Imagine you are holding an energy bubble between both hands. Imagine you can see this bubble.

I tried this technique; and, I started feeling that there was really something between my hands.

Today, I combined this trick with telepathy. I took some CDs out from one of my relatives’ old CD shelf. Most of the CDs there are not labelled. I asked myself to tell me which CD I wanted. Then I rubbed my hands and used my eyes to navigate. I held both of my hands apart so this imaginary bubble was on top of all these CDs while my hands created a border for them. Immediately, my mind got stuck on four CDs.

I took these and listened to them one by one. Three of them were blank or broken so I could not hear any music. I felt my inner self was joking with me because before I started doing this I was in a hype and wanted to listen to music. The fourth CD had lessons on how to sell. I took this one with me because I realized that I had an urge to study and I must work on this.

Try this at home to see if this technique works for you. I am sure there will be times when you will be tuned off and would not see the answer. But, this method should still works!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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